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In the offer of our company, we have one-deck screening machines, used for screening the finest fraction (sub-grains) from a product, or multi-deck screening machines for fractionating materials into individual thicknesses. The screening machines supplied by the Aztech company are equipped with an inertia electric drive (high-frequency forced force electric vibrator), which we adapt to the customer’s needs and to the characteristics of the material being screened.

We equip the device with perforated sheet metal or woven mesh sieves to ensure the best separation of the individual fractions of goods. Our product range also includes drum screening machinery for sorting materials with a higher moisture content. They are suitable for screening earth, peat, ground lime or clay. Please, ask your salesperson for details.

Choosing the right type of screening machine

Several factors determine the choice of the right screening machine. A key consideration in this case is the type of material to be screened, its moisture content and granulation. The various types of screening machines are available on the market – vibrating screening machines (for aggregates), drum screening machines (e.g., for soil and compost) and pre-screening machines and clay removers. Screening machines in many situations co-create a production line with crushers. When choosing a screening machine, the number of fractions to be achieved is also important, which translates directly into screening decks. There are mobile and stationary screening machines available to customers, and their choice is determined by the need to move materials. Prior to taking a decision to purchase a screening machine, it is also worth considering the type of its motor. An electric motor requires a connection to an energy source, but is more economical and less prone to breakdown than a combustion engine. The capacity of the screening machines has a huge impact on the speed of operation, the efficiency of material loading and the time it takes to collect the screened raw material.

The screening process with a screening machine is carried out by separating the input product into fractions. The separation takes place by passing the raw material through vibrators equipped with sieves of an appropriate mesh size. The operating parameters of the screening machine are adapted to the material and the requirements of the shredding process. Upon separation, the material is placed on a belt conveyor, which then transports the material into heaps.

The screening machines are used to separate the following materials into fractions:

  • aggregates,
  • sand,
  • granite,
  • lime,
  • plastics,
  • glass,
  • mill scale,
  • steel scraps,
  • smelting waste.

The screening machines can also find their use during the dewatering process.

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