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Our product range includes loading and receiving hoppers of various cubic areas. Depending on the needs, we are able to produce a device with a capacity of up to 30 m3.

Depending on the needs and properties of the material, the Aztech loading and receiving hoppers may be equipped with an electric inertia drive (high-frequency electro-vibrator) or with an automatic emptying system based on a conveyor (rubber or steel one) to improve the efficiency of emptying the loading chamber.

Choosing the right type of loading and receiving hopper

Several factors determine the choice of the appropriate loading and receiving hopper. A key consideration in this case is the type of material to be collected in the hopper, its moisture content and granulation. In many cases, loading and receiving hoppers co-create a production line together with the crushers. Prior to taking a decision to purchase a loading and receiving hopper, it is worth considering its type: gravitational is recommended for dry materials of constant granulation or automatic, i.e., a “bunker” for materials with increased humidity and irregular granulation. The cubic area of the loading and receiving hopper has a great impact on the speed of work, the efficiency of material loading and the time taken to collect the raw material.

The loading and receiving hoppers are used for the following materials:

  • aggregates,
  • sand,
  • granite,
  • lime,
  • plastics,
  • glass,
  • mill scale,
  • steel scraps,
  • smelting waste.

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