Innovative crushing systems

By assumption, mobile crushers are compact machinery, which means they can be easily transported to any location. The machinery achieves the best parameters of capacity in the crushing process and cause no issues while operating them. The modern mobile crusher models are equipped with their own drive and do not need an electricity connection. This makes them autonomous units that are ideal for use in material storage enterprises and in locations without a permanent power source.

The mobile crushers are perfect for moving glass, but they are also used in the recycling of construction rubble. They can be divided into four basic types: jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers and roller crushers. The appropriate type of mobile crusher is selected according to the type of aggregate to be crushed. Impact crushers are the most versatile machinery available on the market. Mobile impact crushers are the most appreciated among users and are most commonly used in the mines. Impact force is responsible for their operation, and they are also equipped with rammers and hammers. The jaw crushers, on the other hand, are designed for the primary and secondary processing of raw materials which are characterised by low and medium crushing capacities. The cone crushers are dedicated to fine crushing, particularly when regular-shaped raw materials are to be obtained. The roller crushers are intended for medium and fine crushing, as well as for milling raw materials of low hardness. The rollers with which such crushers are equipped crush the material as they rotate.

Mobile crushers offered by an industrial machinery producer

The mobile crushers are new to the Aztech offer. All equipment produced by us is developed as a result of an analysis of the needs of the recycling sector. While responding to the needs of our customers, we have introduced designs of mobile crushers on hook lift, trailer or crawler chassis to our offer. We are able to customise all of the equipment we offer and built it onto a chassis of your choice. This type of solution significantly simplifies the logistics of transporting the equipment depending on the work to be carried out. 

The mobile crushers available in our product range are equipped with an electric drive or, depending on requirements, we are able to offer a diesel or hydraulic one. The mobile devices are equipped with additional components for feeding and removing the material to be processed, e.g., loading hoppers, belt conveyors, screening machines or magnetic separators. We configure all mobile crushers according to customer requirements and adapt them to the specific characteristics of the material to be crushed.

Photo gallery

Below we present a photo gallery of an example of the jaw crusher mounted on a hook lift chassis.

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